Our Programs

JUNTOS engages students from six professional U.S. dance conservatories in community-building projects in the U.S. and Latin America. We conduct workshops and performances in orphanages, centers for HIV+ children, hospitals, grade schools, retirement homes, dance groups with lack of funding, and more. Our programs:


Performances and workshops in Boston, New York or Northern California


A two-week intercultural exchange program for students in professional dance programs


A one-year leadership program culminating in a 4-12 week project abroad


9-day trip for advanced teen dancers that incorporates dance, community outreach, & cultural exchange


JUNTOSLocal outreach occurs in Boston, New York, Chicago and Northern California. It is for professional student dancers who wish to integrate performing art and community outreach. Students volunteer in communities that are not granted much art exposure such as public schools, retirement homes, hospitals, amongst others.







We offer three Local outreach programs:

New York Membership

March-April 2020. A program for New York dance students that includes outreach, exchange, professional experience and performance.

Boston Spring Week

A one-week intensive for students to immerse themselves in outreach and performance in the United States, March 17th – March 23rd.

Chicago Weekend

A weekend long intensive for students to gain a sampling of the work JUNTOS does within their local community, from February 15th – 18th.


JUNTOSAbroad is a two-week intercultural exchange program for students in professional dance programs.

For two weeks, U.S. students travel to Guatemala, Mexico or Nicaragua to teach modern dance workshops, take world dance classes conducted by other communities, and participate in public performances that include student choreography. Students will conduct workshops and performances in orphanages, centers for HIV+ children, hospitals, grade schools, retirement homes, and dance groups with lack of funding. Through these experiences, students are encouraged to dig deeper into their relationship with dance.


JUNTOSGuatemala focuses on what art can offer in a third-world country. Dancers travel through the Guatemalan highlands, engaging in community outreach in Mayan villages and urban centers. JUNTOS participants teach dance workshops in public and private elementary schools and perform for communities unfamiliar with contemporary performing arts.

Check out our Guatemala 2014 trip HERE


JUNTOSMexico focuses on collaboration with women, children and indigenous cultures in southern Mexico. Dancers will engage in intercultural exchange through performance and workshops throughout Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Check out our Mexico 2019 trip HERE


Our newest JUNTOSAbroad trip! More information coming soon.


JUNTOSNicaragua is a mixture of elements from both the Mexico and Guatemala trips. Dancers travel to four different cities in this time, focusing on teaching dance workshops to various communities. Performances are focused in smaller, rural communities and areas although there are a few larger performances.

Due to political climate, JUNTOS will not be traveling to Nicaragua in 2019.

Check out our Costa Rica and Nicaragua 2014 trip HERE









“There it was… Humans from different parts of the globe, TOGETHER (JUNTOS) in every way that they could be, experiencing something, telling their story together, fearlessly, and letting me witness the beauty that we all are. And when nothing else in the world makes sense, I will know that life can be this beautiful, and that is enough for me.”

Holly WilderBoston Conservatory '14

The great thing about JUNTOS is that it takes this idea [that the understanding of different cultures is what will bring peace to the world] and connects it to concrete actions.

Marisa MartinAiley/Fordham '11

“I feel like I have reached a level where it’s not just me out there. No more me against the world. Instead it is me dancing WITH the world, FOR the world and everything in between.”

Alicia DelgadilloAiley/Fordham '12


A one-year leadership program where individuals create a strong foundation for future endeavors by developing skills such as writing proposals, creating budgets, and successful fundraising. This program culminates in a 4-12 week project abroad.

JUNTOSAmbassador invests in passionate individuals by providing mentorship within a one-year volunteer contract. Ambassadors will support the JUNTOS mission and build leadership skills through a variety of opportunities, that include training in time management, project proposals, budget writing, and successful fundraising. Ambassadors will put this knowledge to use in a final capstone project, where they will organize a larger scale project, spending 4-12 weeks abroad immersed with one of the JUNTOS partner organizations and their community.

Over the course of one year, ambassadors will:

  • partake in bi-monthly online learning sessions (includes webinars, reading materials and teamwork)
  • be paired with a mentor to help accomplish goals (after the 60 day trial period)
  • conduct outreach activities as part of JUNTOSLocal programming
  • attend networking opportunities
  • organize and partake in a 4-12 week capstone project

All past JUNTOSAbroad participants are eligible to be Ambassadors (alumni and current students). Visit the application page for more information regarding the application process. You may also view past Ambassador Capstone projects here.










A 9-day trip for advanced teen dancers ages 14-18 to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico incorporating dance, community outreach, and cultural exchange.

JUNTOSYouth is designed for advanced youth dance companies or groups to perform in underserved communities while immersing themselves in Mexican culture. At this time application is by invitation only to entire youth dance companies.

Experiences + opportunities include:

  • Performances in underserved communities such as foster homes, hospitals, retirement communities & more
  • Dance classes in Mexican ballet folklórico dance
  • Cultural classes such as cooking & ceramics
  • Workshops with contemporary Oaxacan dancers
  • Day trips to places such as the ancient ruins of Monte Alban and artist workshops
  • Outdoor performance in the center of Oaxaca
  • Make new dance friends from the United States + Mexico!

Artistic growth include:

  • Increased understanding of personal performance skills
  • An idea of how art might be able to better the lives of others
  • How dance can be a universal language
  • A larger toolbox of dance vocabulary
  • Deeper knowledge + understanding of Mexican culture
  • Spanish language skills