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JUNTOS Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is committed to intercultural exchange and unites communities through dance. The organization focuses on community outreach to cultivate international leaders by verbally and artistically exchanging cultural differences. JUNTOS provides dance workshops and performances to create long lasting cross-cultural relationships with low-income communities in Central America and students from America’s top dance conservatories. The Collective uses movement so individuals connect with themselves and one another to be healthy, happy, and build inter-relationships.

Our Mission

JUNTOS, a community-based organization, seeks to educate, heal, liberate, and build community through dance. We offer students opportunities through their creative discipline to bridge insights from the classroom and dance studio to become artists educating and serving others. As dancers, our art form enables us to identify, transform and celebrate the range of human experience. We expose all participants – collective and partner organization members – to new cultures and languages, using dance to create a neutral space for the expression of diversity, and as a reminder of equality. This neutral space in turn, allows us to create a community that transcends borders.

We strive to build lasting relationships with local and global partners, communities often unrecognized and seldom exposed to the professional world of modern dance. Through dance, JUNTOS hopes to identify a shared human experience found in all cultures and ways of life.