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JUNTOS COVID-19 Response + Protocol

Learn how JUNTOS has built new ways of being together during these unprecedented times.

Our COVID-19 Timeline

  • New Programs : 2019-2021
    • JUNTOSVirtual – This program connects¬†communities and dancers around the world over a virtual platform for movement workshops and dance education.
  • Canceled and Reimagined Abroad Trips : 2019-2021
    • Three JUNTOSAbroad trips were canceled and two years of in-person programming were put on pause for the safety of JUNTOS Volunteers, Collaborators and Community Alliances.
  • JUNTOSAbroad 2022 General Travel Guidelines : 2022
    • JUNTOS is building a new way to travel and create connections Abroad. Together we can rebuild the global path to in-person artistic and cultural exchange!
    • JUNTOS completed a successful 10 day trip to Guatemala this past May and June! Read more here>>


1. Will JUNTOS require trip participants to be vaccinated?

Yes, participants will need to be fully vaccinated, with either 2 doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or a single dose of Johnson and Johnson 2 weeks prior to the trip. We recommend booster shots prior to the trip. *Come summer, definition of fully vaccinated may include booster, which will be updated and reflected in compliance agreement. JUNTOS will ask to provide proof of vaccination with a signed compliance agreement.

2. How many participants will be on the trip?

JUNTOS will have a maximum of 10 participants in addition to 3 JUNTOS team leaders.

3. What COVID protocols does Guatemala require for entry into the country? 

As of January 10, passengers who are neither Guatemalan citizens nor Guatemalan residents will be required to present both of the following:

  • Evidence of receiving a complete three dose COVID-19 vaccination course (or one dose for Johnson & Johnson) with the final dose being administered at least 2 weeks before beginning the trip to Guatemala
  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test from a certified lab conducted no more than 3 days prior to check in at the airport or arrival at land border. This will be the responsibility of the volunteer to schedule and complete before their flight.

4. Will JUNTOS provide additional information regarding trip protocols?

Yes, participants will be provided an information packet on trip-specific health and safety protocols with informational meetings to answer additional questions.

5. What if the trip gets canceled due to a change in the state of the pandemic?

The non-refundable $295 deposit (due March 25th) will remain non-refundable. Participants who have made any payments toward tuition beyond that may either be refunded, held for a future trip, or donated to JUNTOS in part or in full.

6. What PPE is covered by the tuition fee?

JUNTOS will provide rapid COVID tests to be taken throughout the trip, as well as medical grade masks and hand sanitizer.

8. How will the trip look different from past Abroad trips?

  • Visiting fewer communities, in just two cities, focusing on one or two orgs to have a greater impact.
  • Wearing masks among communities
  • No hands-on physical contact with kids
  • Accepted applicants will be required to attend the JUNTOSVirtual Global Teachers Training in April, and will also lead 2-3 virtual workshops as preparation for the trip.