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Fundraising Resources

This pages offers ideas and resources to fund your volunteer work with JUNTOS. Please note that JUNTOS provides mentorship for most fundraising options below. Email Program Director, Cristiana Cavallo with any questions or concerns: cristiana@juntoscollective.org.

Direct Fundraising

These activities can be conducted individually or with a small group and need minimal planning time.

  • Individual Asks – Fundraising letter to family + friends. Ask JUNTOS for the template and description overview.
  • Online Fundraising Campaigns – GoFundMe, Kickstarter (etc.)
  • Small Fundraisers / Events
    • Game night: Ask friends to bring board and card games. Charge an entry fee (or suggested donation fee!) for each game (such as, $2-$5), and award each game’s winner with 25-50% of the money raised. For example, four people pay $2 each to play a game, the winner of the game gets $4. The rest of the funds go to your fund. Hours of games could add up to huge donations.
    • Car Wash
    • Bake Sale
    • Restaurant / Bar Donation – Ask a local restaurant or bar to help host an event or see what they might offer! Some offer a percent of drinks for a night, others offer a coupon for you to give to friends where a percent of their meal that night goes to your cause. Opportunities are endless!
    • Online Birthday/Special Event fundraiser: Birthday fundraisers (especially on Facebook) can be quick and easy. For most effective ways of raising money here, plan it out (see #2)
    • Film screening: Screen a documentary or movie (preferably related to your cause) with popcorn, candy, drinks and charge a fee for it.

Group / Planned Fundraising

These activities generally take 2-4 months to plan, but can be well worth the trouble depending on how well-organized you are.

  • Peer-to-Peer Campaigns – Similar to online fundraising campaigns, this method follows a method of reaching an end goal on a single online platform. The huge difference is this: you aren’t raising the money, you ask your friends to help raise the money.
  • Fundraising events
    • Art Party
    • House Parties – A party for friends and family (preferably your parent’s friends) where you ask for donations to sponsor your work
    • Silent Auctions – You’ll need extra time to plan for a good one, but can raise thousands of dollars!
    • Tastings, classes, or dinners – Great for groups of people interested in this

Outside Scholarships + Grants

These are available online. Research online for more information.

  • The Foundation for Intercultural Exchange Application – $2000 USD
  • The Golden Key Scholarship – $1000
  • Grants – grants can be given to students for traveling, studying abroad and for public service work like JUNTOS…feel free to do some of your own research!