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JUNTOS Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct describes behaviors that are inconsistent with the essential values of the JUNTOS community. It is our expectation that every participant and member of the community is free from behavior which might reasonably be said to interfere with their access to and enjoyment of JUNTOS programs, activities and opportunities, including but not limited to:

  1. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Unlawful possession, use, distribution, manufacture, or sale of illegal drugs or alcohol is not tolerated. Cultural norms may differ in the countries to which JUNTOS travels, including those which permit adults under the age of 21 to consume alcohol in moderation at meals and social gatherings. If you are a JUNTOSYouth participant, you agree to refrain from the consumption of alcohol or drugs, regardless of local laws. If you are participating in JUNTOSAbroad, JUNTOSLocal, or JUNTOSAmbassador, you recognize yourself as an ambassador for JUNTOS and are nevertheless expected to refrain from any consumption of alcohol that might impair your judgment or behavior.
  1. DISCRIMINATION: Discriminatory and other hostile conduct, language, and actions which are intended to or might have the effect of discriminating against others on the basis of age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, creed, service in the uniformed services, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, marital or family status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, gender identity, or political ideas.
  1. THREATS AND ABUSE: Verbal or physical threats, abuse, hazing, or other behavior that might threaten or endanger the health or safety of others.
  1. SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Unwelcome sexual conduct, advances, stalking, and other unwanted or harassing behavior of a sexual nature.
  1. WEAPONS AND FIREARMS: Possession, storing, carrying, or use of any weapon, ammunition, or explosive.
  1. FIRE SAFETY VIOLATIONS: Tampering with fire or other safety equipment or setting unauthorized fires.
  1. FALSE INFORMATION: Intentionally providing false or inaccurate information, reports or records to JUNTOS or local authorities.
  1. THEFT AND OTHER PROPERTY OFFENSES: Stealing, vandalizing, damaging, destroying, or defacing JUNTOS property or the property of others.
  1. FAILURE TO COMPLY: Failing to comply with reasonable directives from JUNTOS staff or leadership when directed to do so.
  1. DISORDERLY CONDUCT: Engaging in disorderly, disruptive, lewd or indecent conduct, including but not limited to creating unreasonable noise; creating a physically hazardous or physically offensive conditions, or disruption of programs or functions and processes of JUNTOS.
  1. VIOLATIONS OF JUNTOS REGULATIONS: Violating JUNTOS policies or regulations as communicated from time to time both verbally and in writing in JUNTOS materials, orientations, and other communications.