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Program Eligibility

JUNTOS has opportunities for university and high school dance students, as well as emerging professional dancers to participate in programming, with preference given to students who have earned or are studying for a BFA in dance.

JUNTOSAbroad: Students must fill out an application form and complete an interview with the Programs Director. Applications are currently closed.

JUNTOSYouth: Interested high school students can send an email to admin@juntoscollective.org

JUNTOSVirtual: College and high school dancers can learn more and apply for virtual programming HERE.

JUNTOSAmbassador: Each Ambassador candidate will be invited to apply to the program through application and interview if they fit the following criteria:

  • They have worked closely with JUNTOS for at least one year
  • They demonstrate strong leadership skills
  • They have acted as informal representatives of the JUNTOS mission in the past

When choosing dance volunteers to work with the organization, JUNTOS Collective is dedicated first and foremost to the dancer’s interest in the JUNTOS mission.  

Application Dates

2024 Trip Dates:


JUNTOSAbroad is a two-week intensive dance outreach experience for students and emerging professionals. Learn more here.

JUNTOSYouth: Summer 2024.

Interested in having your school or dance studio participate? Email admin@juntoscollective.org. Solo students are welcome to apply to join committed school groups.


Fees: With a non-refundable deposit plus a tuition fee, you cover accommodation, transportation, COVID-19 tests, PPE, some meals,  excursions, and activities.  You are also responsible for the flight to the designated country and food during travel (~$15-25/day).

JUNTOSVirtual: Applications closed at this time.

JUNTOSAmbassador:, a one-year leadership program for individuals to create a strong foundation for future endeavors by developing program-based skills; this program culminates in a 4-12 week program abroad. Applications closed at this time

JUNTOSImmersion: A nine-day immersive trip designed for international and U.S. pre-professional dance volunteers to collectively develop outreach programs in their local communities. By invitation only.

PLEASE NOTE: JUNTOS has compiled plenty of fundraising resources for volunteers; fees should not deter any student. Click here to view external resources available. 

Questions? Contact JUNTOS Collaborators: admin@juntoscollective.org