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Become a JUNTOSVirtual Global Teacher! This is a unique opportunity for emerging dance professionals to gain hands-on experience teaching dance to communities across the US and Latin America. Participants will be trained by JUNTOS staff to use our dance pedagogy to teach in both English and Spanish.

Through Global Teachers you will…

  • Engage in virtual workshops, lectures, and discussions that reinforce the principles of our JUNTOS pedagogy at this two-day virtual teacher training.
  • Become a part of the JUNTOS global community as you gain hands-on teaching experience.
  • Create international impact through dance!

Program Information

We will be holding the next training session for incoming Global Teachers on April 1st–2nd, 2023. During this training, participants will engage in virtual workshops, lectures, and discussions that will support their learning of the JUNTOS pedagogy. 

Upon successful completion of this training, participants will work together to plan, teach, and choreograph for communities abroad through a series of virtual dance and movement workshops. Join us for this unique opportunity to grow your international network and connect with peers who share your passion for dance, culture, and community!



JUNTOS Global Teacher Training will consist of:

Cultural Exchange and Awareness
with JUNTOS International Programs Director Sussan Hrozek

Opportunities with JUNTOS
with JUNTOS Managing Director Julia Horner

Building Your Curriculum
with JUNTOS Programs Director Cristiana Cavallo

The JUNTOS Teaching Method
with JUNTOS Alumni/Ambassador Coriselle Martinez

Virtual Teaching Tools
with JUNTOS Programs Director Cristiana Cavallo

Spanish Language Basics

Additionally, this training includes:

  • Movement exploration, in individual and collaborative settings
  • Take-home assignments to help build your Spanish skills
  • Peer collaboration in our Building A Movement Workshop
  • Opportunities to demonstrate and practice your movement workshops on peers in a safe and supportive environment
  • In-the-moment feedback from JUNTOS Staff and Alumni



Thank you to all who applied. If you are interested in applying for future training sessions, please subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about all upcoming program dates.

Community Alliances/Alianzas Comunitarias

You can participate in JUNTOSVirtual programming! Email Sussan Hrozeck for more information.

¡Puedes participar en la programación JUNTOSVirtual! Envíe un correo electrónico a Sussan Hrozeck para obtener más información.

Enviarlo Sussan!

JUNTOSVirtual is an opportunity for Community Alliances and Dance Volunteers to collaborate year round through virtual exchanges of dance classes and performance. JUNTOSVirtual fosters leadership, development and unity across international communities from a distance.