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Travel with us!

By May 13, 2014July 23rd, 2014No Comments

Guatemala, May 2014: Celebrating 5 Years in Guatemala

As a tribute to our five years in Guatemala, we document our travels for you! Travel with us as we share time with dear friends and family, collaborate with individuals and organizations, experience dance in global context, explore images of beauty, embrace the greatness in all individuals, examine humanity beyond art, and inspire one another.

—- Check out our full itinerary here —-

Click on each day to see what we’re up to! Read testimonials, look at photos, and check out videos!

DAY 1: familia

A day of travel, rehearsal, and greeting old friends. All in preparation for our adventures ahead!

DAY 2: colaboración

Full day of rehearsal, exchange, and workshops!

DAY 3: danza

Exploring dance in new light!

DAY 4: amor, belleza

Falling in love again. With dance.

DAY 5: potencial

Fantastic start to the Mayan new year!

DAY 6/7: humanidad

Re-discovering humanity through art