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llegando a mexico

By July 29, 2009June 16th, 2013No Comments

from Joanna Poz-Molesky

it´s hard to believe that only 17 months ago i lay in my bed dreaming of this moment. todo empeze con un sueño. and now i´m here in mexico city acutalizing it all. together we passed through (what i hope to be) the toughest moments with the project -frustration, anger, moments of almost quitting, anxioty – and are now less than a week away from starting what we´ve been working on continuously for over 8 months. being here in mexico, i don´t only see everything coming together but i feel it – i feel it in me, around me, and through me. i know this project will run smoothly (for it being a first-timer!) and will appear to be something we´ve don in the past. i can only hope that each and every one of us learns more than we anticipated initially and that it brings us closer to exploring the wide range that the dance/art and whole world offers.