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#Giving Tuesday 2021 : Impact Through the Years

By November 30, 2021No Comments

Since #GivingTeesday2020, our JUNTOS Collaborators have been working hard to make our first year of JUNTOSVirtual programming a success. To say that their dedication has paid off would be an understatement! The global impact of this programming has reached far beyond the confines of their Zoom boxes.

Over 215 participants from 12 organizations in 5 different countries have taken part in these programs, in addition to the 28 new graduates of our Global Teacher training program and our 5 Master Class instructors, all of whom continue to create change in their own communities!

This #GivingTuesday2021, you can help JUNTOS continue to make a tangible impact beyond our Zoom boxes by helping us raise $10,000! These funds will go towards our newest program, JUNTOSVirtual to help us reach our goal of providing over 200 hours of virtual dance performance and arts education programming to underserved communities during the winter of 2021 and spring of 2022.

#GivingTuesday JUNTOS Through the Years

The Beginning: #GivingTuesday 2016

“Because of JUNTOS, I’ve seen what dance can do on numerous scales: globally, within communities and at a personal level. This is work that simultaneously connects people from all walks of life while encouraging each individual to seek excellence and comfort in their own skin. What incredible magic it is!”

– Amy McMurchieFormer Programs Director

First Big Fundraiser: #GivingTuesday 2017

"Like a pebble tossed into still water, JUNTOS has rippled over the years, casting its circle of influence wider and deeper."

— Joanna Poz-MoleskyJUNTOS Founder and Former Executive Director

A Local JUNTOS Journey: #GivingTuesday 2018

Click on the image above to read Amy’s story from #GivingTuesday2018! This is a great example of how our programming encourages students to continue exploring leadership positions and arts outreach beyond their time with us.

The Abroad Impact: #GivingTuesday 2019

Julia Horner, now a JUNTOS Collaborator and Executive Team Member, spent four weeks teaching dance at Los Patojos in 2019. While teaching daily classes in contemporary, jazz, and improvisation, Julia was able to give private dance classes to a new student, Amelie.

Click on the image above to read more of Julia’s story from #GivingTuesday2019!

“Amelie worked extremely hard the four weeks I was there. Previously, she and a friend would watch YouTube videos to learn dance. When I arrived, I was able to provide Amelie with structure and technique, things needed to become a disciplined and professional dancer. She began helping me demonstrate in classes I taught and worked with her peers to make them feel comfortable and supported. It was clear that dance helped her develop leadership and self-confidence. At the end of the four weeks we had put together a beautiful solo, where Amelie was able to connect with her peers through expressing herself and moving her body with strength & confidence.”

– Julia HornerCommunications + Development Director

What Dance Has Taught Me: Giving Tuesday 2020

Last year’s Giving Tuesday campaign arrived at the end of a year full of change and transformations. Through the incredible generosity of our donors, we were able to raise enough funds to provide 200+ hours of dance education, performance, and community-building activities through our newest JUNTOSVirtual Programs!

In the spirit of love and gratitude, we shared this beautiful thank you message from our Interim Executive Director, Amy McMurchie:

You can move outside of the box with JUNTOS and support JUNTOS Community Alliances through arts education and dance performances and create a ripple effect for our Dance Volunteers by supporting intercultural exchange through dance, facilitating leadership development, creating cultural awareness, and supporting the professional development of future international leaders. Make an impact today!