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Excerpts from Past Participants, 2010-2011

By June 6, 2011June 25th, 2013No Comments

“I feel like I have reached a level where it’s not just me out there. No more me against the world. Instead it is me dancing WITH the world, FOR the world and everything in between.“
-Alicia Delgadillo, Excerpt from “Reflections.” March 23, 2011

“Dance has the ability to transcend race, religion, ethnicity, and gender and enables us not as Guatemalans or Americans but as human beings to connect on the most essential level. Despite the language barrier, I saw the power of dance and its ability to promote creativity, confidence, and individuality. This is something that I would never have learned sitting in a classroom at Fordham, listening to a professor lecture. These revelations only come from face to face cross-cultural encounters. This trip has been one of the most valuable and influential experiences of my life. I was able to see how much I have to give and share with the world to create a powerful, positive impact. Although we leave tomorrow, I am bringing back with me new memories, friends, and a profound appreciation for the power of dance, as well as the power of our dreams!”
– Katie Berry, Excerpt of letter written to the director after Guatemala 2010

“I am going home with an entirely different perception of the world, the power of dance, and of myself… I never understood the power of dance. When my brother passed away, it really made me hate myself for dancing. For being so “selfish” and I struggled so much with my feeling of needing to do more, to help the world become a better place and I just didn’t see dance in that way. JUNTOS seemed to be a great outlet… I always used to believe “everything happened for a reason” in a sort of magical way, but since my brother’s passing its been really hard for me to see the world in a positive way or be able to think good things can happen. This trip has made me be able to accept the way things are and realize things happen the way they are supposed to if we are open to them. … My heart is now open and wanting to do so much more.”
– Kelli Youngman, Excerpt of letter written to the director after Guatemala 2010

“I think I finally saw the power of dance. I’ve slowly been learning that I love dance because it humanizes whoever performs it. Yet, I finally saw here how much I can give of myself through dance. I also saw how much each member of our group was able to give through dance as well. Finally, it wasn’t about anyone’s technique and ability to execute steps, but it was about each person’s personality and humanity. I finally stopped judging and was able to appreciate and receive what everyone had to offer. I let go of judging myself as well, and for the first time in my life, I performed without being nervous and most importantly without any filter… I finally found out how to perform.”
– Adrienne Cousineau, Excerpt of letter written to the director after Guatemala 2010

“Performing, teaching, and living in Xela for those few days gave me so much of this culture, its generosity, and passion. I realize how this place has given me an entirely new outlook on what is important in life…the people you share it with, and the beauty that you share to the world.”
– Helen Hatch, Excerpt of letter written to the director after Guatemala 2010