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Collaborator Spotlight #4: Ariane Michaud

By February 21, 2017October 4th, 2017No Comments

This is it, we have reached our final JUNTOS Collaborator Spotlight for the year!

Ariane Michaud first travelled with JUNTOS in 2013, during her freshman year at The Boston Conservatory. After that first trip to Guatemala, she travelled many more times with the collective as a student, guest artist, and director’s assistant before accepting the position as Communications Director.

We asked Ariane a few questions about her experience with JUNTOS over the last 5 years:

JUNTOS: Favorite place you have travelled?

Ariane: With JUNTOS, Guatemala. There was something very special and eye opening about my first trip with JUNTOS. In general, Israel and Australia are also among favorites.

J: What drew you to JUNTOS?

A: My first semester at The Boston Conservatory was an exciting time for me. I was dancing more than ever, working with amazing guest artists, and meeting people that were incredibly serious about their art form, but something was missing.

I struggled to understand the purpose of spending so much time in the studio and quickly realized that a career as a professional dancer was not what I had imagined it to be. I was craving new experiences, and most importantly for opportunities that could help me step outside of my box and make a difference in the world.

The day I received the JUNTOS application via email, I applied. I figured it was the first step to understanding more deeply my relationship to dance.

J: Funny or Inspiring JUNTOS memory?

A: I recently returned to Nicaragua, almost four years after my first JUNTOS trip there. Having the opportunity to see some of the younger girls that I taught at Nicaphoto, now all grown up, was pretty amazing.

J: What have you been up to since graduation? How did JUNTOS affect your career path?

A: Well, I graduated about ten months ago, so it hasn’t been that long! Last summer I took the interim position of Abroad Director before Amy was hired, and so I travelled to Guatemala and Nicaragua as Joanna’s assistant.

I currently work as a Social Media Strategist for a few companies, dance teacher, choreographer, producer, and freelance arts administrator.

JUNTOS has been an integral part of my growth as a human and as a dancer, and I am glad that I am able to continue to work and travel for a cause that I believe in.

J: Aspirations for the future? What is one of your dreams?

A: My dreams are always changing! One day I can see myself running a non-profit for elders dance classes, and the next day I can see myself going to business school.

One of my goals has always remained the same: whatever I do must be for good. I strongly believe in using what skills I have to help make the world a better place.