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Like a pebble tossed into still water, JUNTOS has rippled over the years, casting its circle of influence wider and deeper. — Executive Director, Joanna Poz-Molesky

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday! Before tomorrow, November 27th, we wanted to share an impact story that is a little closer to home (geographically at least!).

This is Amy McMurchie, our Programs Director (you can read more about her on our staff page here).

After going on an abroad trip, Amy took some time and disconnected from JUNTOS, but years later she applied for the Abroad Programs Director position and was hired. Today, she is responsible for all programming, locally and internationally, and we literally could not run JUNTOS without her!

Here is Amy’s #JUNTOSjourney:

While studying for her BFA in dance, Amy discovered JUNTOS through a friend who had participated in the past. As a student, she traveled to Mexico and Guatemala to conduct dance outreach with us.

 After graduating, inspired by the work she had done with JUNTOS, Amy pursued jobs that combined dance performance with community engagement and dance education in unique settings.
In the fall of 2016, with great enthusiasm, Amy accepted the role of Abroad director with JUNTOS. Two years later, she became the director of all JUNTOS Programs.
Amy looks toward the future with JUNTOS. Her goals include increasing JUNTOS’s impact in communities within the United States and continuing to find ways to encourage excellence in all community members who participate in programming.

“Because of JUNTOS, I’ve seen what dance can do on numerous scales: globally, within communities and at a personal level. This is work that simultaneously connects people from all walks of life while encouraging each individual to seek excellence and comfort in their own skin. What incredible magic it is!”

Not all students that participate in abroad trips or local work will be employed by our organization, yet Amy’s story is a great example of how our programming encourages students to continue exploring leadership positions and arts outreach beyond their time with us.

Giving Tuesday is TOMORROW! Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 by donating here. Funds raised will go towards developing our national programming in Boston and New York.

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