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Amy McMurchie

Interim Executive Director

Amy grew up dancing in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in 2013 graduated summa cum laude from Dominican University of California in conjunction with Alonzo King LINES Ballet. Amy began working with JUNTOS in 2011, introducing and facilitating JUNTOS programming for the Domincian/LINES BFA students. She has performed and taught in the San Francisco Bay Area with organizations including Kaneisee Collective, Soulskin Dance, Bay Area Dance Collective, Nagata Dance, Roco Dance and Dance Mission Theater. She has worked with The Aspen Art Museum in performance and dance education residencies. Amy works for JUNTOS because she believes in the transformative power dance can have on individuals and communities alike.

Email: amy@juntoscollective.org

Dance matters.

In Guatemala City of June 2018, JUNTOS visited a women’s shelter, where there was a young boy who I later learned had experienced severe neglect and abuse since the moment he was born. He had fear in his eyes where children usually have hope and excitement. JUNTOS began conducting a silly dance warm up and the boy stood far off to the side, apprehensive. As the workshop progressed, he slowly moved closer and closer to the dancers, his eyes beginning to soften into curiosity. With about five minutes left of the workshop, the boy grabbed a dancer’s hand, began twirling around with her and let out a deep belly laugh that lasted for a good 30 seconds. It was as if that laughter had been inside the boy all along, but was just waiting to be stirred up and let out. Dance enabled the shaking out of joy for that boy and I continue to see joy manifest itself in every community JUNTOS works with.