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 JUNTOS Collective was thrilled by the incredible support we received on this past #GivingTuesday. We are happy to announce that this fundraising campaign has been our most successful one to date.

With your help, we raised a total of $10,345 with 51 donors + 1 match! Wow!

These donations were received on our Network for Good Campaign (still open for donations!), Paypal, and the many Facebook Campaigns that were created. Thank you to Rachel Higbee, Amy McMurchie, Catherine Van Ness, Michaela Ellingson and Joanna Poz-Molesky for creating personalized campaigns to accept JUNTOS donations. We were also honored to receive a match of $5,000, courtesy of Kobes Arts.

Thank you for being part of this successful campaign. We look forward to sharing the updates on programming, upcoming trips, and communities that have benefitted from your donations.


Jameson Buffmire
Mary Wyand
Cecilia Stone
Carla DeSola
Nick Sungenis
Judith Thorn
Ed & Anne Miller
Bernadette Solomon
David Weinreb
Jill Churchman
Jean Molesky-Poz
Rick Ayers
Jodi Adkins
Shaina Gaba
John Paluska
Shilpa Jain
David Ngo
Ronnie Maher
Karilyn Ryan
Joanne Backman
Christina Malis
Kurtis Fluck
Ericka Fawcett
Anna Pisarello
Brooks Bailey
Sean O’Connell
Robert Tsaconas
Angelica Papagiannopoulos
Michael Molesky
Kelli Youngman
William Emery
Rena Bernardini

Diane Lewandowski
Heather Janik
Ethan Van Ness
Catherine Van Ness
David Trigaux
Joanna Poz-Molesky
Jenny WIng Harper
Maggie Michell Wagner
Gracie Ogburn
Chelsea Enjer Hecht
Leah Noble
Sarallyn Keller
Robert Nebel
Rodger Kobes
Dane Cotsonas

and all of our anonymous donors!