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Scholarship Distribution Procedure

We offer need based scholarships and a merit scholar program to ease the financial burden trips may pose on students. JUNTOS aims to make itself accessible to any student interested in participating. Scholarships are allocated by the JUNTOSAbroad director.

NEED BASED SCHOLARSHIPS are allocated to students who demonstrate the largest need.

The MERIT SCHOLAR PROGRAM pairs returning JUNTOS participants with a local organization to teach recurring workshops. If accepted into the program, participants will be paired with a local organization and teach 3-6 workshops with the same students in exchange for a scholarship for their JUNTOSAbroad trip. If for any reason student neglects to teach the workshops, by discretion of JUNTOS director or JUNTOSAbroad coordinator, the scholarship may be revoked.

Requirements for the Merit Scholar Program:
1. Worked with JUNTOS previously in either JUNTOSAbroad or JUNTOSLocal.
2. High level of interest and understanding of the JUNTOS mission

What we factor in:
1. Quality of participation in previous trips
2. Leadership potential for other students, i.e organizing on campus events, local outreach events, etc.