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JUNTOS seeks Programs Assistant

Apply before June 24, 2018. Questions? Email admin@juntoscollective.org


The JUNTOS administrative assistant is a part time job wherein the assistant is responsible for ensuring the JUNTOS programs are operating with a high level of organization and efficiency. The assistant will be working closely with the Programs Director to manage healthy growth within the programs and ensuring all deadlines are met. There is room for growth in this role and with JUNTOS as JUNTOS programs expand.

Hours & Scheduling

  • Required hours: 8-15 hours a week, variable
  • Meetings: bi-monthly phone, online, or in person meetings with Programs Director; monthly meetings with Communications director; occasionally attends monthly Collaborator meetings
  • Travel: TBD national travel


  • Hourly pay: This is an hourly position. Compensation is determined by experience.
  • Travel: JUNTOS covers airfare, hotel, and ground transportation
  • Travel Stipend: $30 per diem when required to travel

Duties & Responsibilities

Program Support
  • Work closely with Programs Director to monitor JUNTOS communication between participants and JUNTOS, including
    • Promotion of JUNTOS at student schools, upon request of Programs Director
    • Maintains communication with students via email, phone, and other
    • Organizes student paperwork: payments, flights, etc.
    • Organizes information for students such as travel packets, etc.
    • Reviews and oversees Ambassador fundraising
  • Upon request, works closely with Programs Director to monitor JUNTOS communication between national community organizations and JUNTOS, including
    • Supervise and support JUNTOSLocal activities
    • Conduct site visits to outreach programs to support teaching artists; conduct formal observations
  • Updates Calendar on Google for events, program updates, and Local updates
  • Oversees deadlines between international collaborators and other orgs
Communications & Marketing
  • Inputs social media into Hootsuite and tags appropriate individuals and/or companies
  • Aids in sending hard copy letters: newsletters, donation requests, thanks, etc.
JUNTOS Performances & Events
  • Upon request
    • Work with Programs Director to set up rehearsals at the performance space for each outreach performance
    • Work with appropriate staff and/or committees to help with fundraising efforts
  • Note: room for growth to eventually coordinate
  • Administer meetings with Programs Director: set meeting and prepare notes
  • Ensure archives are labeled and up to date
  • Strategize effective outreach and marketing goals
  • Attend JUNTOS student events and performances, when possible
  • Attend key community functions to network and promote JUNTOS programs
  • Set and abide by calendar deadlines
  • Work with Programs Director to ensure programs operate with organization and efficiency
Possible Additional Responsibilities
  • Event coordination
  • NY membership program management
  • Research possible program grants or other fundraising opportunities