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Apply to be a JUNTOSAmbassador

By April 19, 2017September 19th, 2017No Comments


Program Dates: September 15, 2017-August 31, 2018


JUNTOSAmbassador is a one year leadership program which aims to invest in passionate individuals by providing the opportunity to develop skills and a strong foundation for future endeavors. Ambassadors will assist in developing strong, long-lasting partnerships with select organizations and implementing the network of communities we work with internationally. They will also learn how to conduct and organize the most effective outreach performances and movement workshops in their local communities. Ambassadors will put this knowledge to use in a final capstone project, spending 4-12 weeks abroad immersed with a partner organization and their community. Through this one year program, Ambassadors will gain necessary skills to carry out important projects with fellow community members in the future.


  • All Ambassadors will develop and strengthen their leadership skills through training, mentoring, and experience culminating in the final capstone project.
  • All Ambassadors will gain a knowledge and understanding of how dance and culture are represented in the institutions of their home country and one country abroad.
  • JUNTOS will expand and develop partnerships with select organizations and strengthen our international network.


All past JUNTOS participants are eligible to be Ambassadors, including alumni, current students, and international participants. Visit the application page for more information regarding the application process.

Through this new program, we hope to mentor community leaders, expand and developing partnerships, strengthen our network, and create ongoing international programming.


  1. Fill out the application posted on the website.
  2. JUNTOS Collaborators will contact you for an interview.
  3. Once all applications and interviews are complete, we will contact you regarding acceptance.



October-December: 1st Quarter – training and leadership webinars

Ambassadors undergo initial training session, attend an outreach activity scheduled by previous Ambassadors, and attend three webinars on leadership themes led by JUNTOS staff and mentors

January-March: 2nd Quarterresearch local dance and organize programming
Ambassadors are teamed up with other Ambassadors to meet twice monthly, organize at least two outreach workshops/performances with current JUNTOS partner organizations, and complete a research project and participate in international conferences and discussions

April-June: 3rd Quarter – proposals for capstone projects
Ambassadors write proposals for their final capstone projects, including a budget and fundraising plan, and execute a fundraiser

July-September: 4th Quarter – capstone projects and  future project preparations
Ambassadors will complete their capstone projects, and attend conferences to research and outline future projects that they will lead in their local communities

Note: There will be quarterly evaluations of Ambassador performance, which will include individual meetings with the Program Director.