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Guatemala 2024

¡Vamos a Guatemala!

We are excited to start our 2024 Abroad trip to Guatemala. Last year, we spent 13 days traveling, connecting, and dancing with some truly incredible communities in Xela and Antigua. We can’t wait to revisit these beautiful cities, and we’re extra excited to announce that this year, we are visiting the Atitlán region for the first time! There, we’ll be experiencing Mayan cultural practices, leading movement workshops, and performing for organizations in Lago de Atitlán, Panajachel, and Sololá. 

Our seven student Dance Volunteers are joining us from the University of Tampa, Hunter College, University at Buffalo, Boston Conservatory, and Slippery Rock University. They’ll be debuting two new repertory pieces, ‘Los Perros de Barrio Colosal’ by Guest Choreographer Omar Román de Jesús, and ‘Solstice’ by Jon Lehrer, as well as ‘Soledad’, a JUNTOS classic by Ariane Michaud.

Welcome to Guatemala, Omar, Bella, Samarra, Selena, Adia, Heather, Alicia, and Hailey! 🇬🇹

MARTES 28 de Mayo – Guatemala City

Today marks the beginning of our 2024 JUNTOSAbroad journey to Guatemala. As the students arrive at Hotel Dos Lunas in Guatemala City, they take the time to unwind from their travels, mingle with each other, and adjust to the local climate before we embark on our early morning journey to Xela (Quetzaltenango).

Our dedicated JUNTOS staff has crafted a packed itinerary for our time in Xela, Antigua, and the Lago de Atitlán. Throughout these two weeks, we will collaborate with social impact organizations that are making a positive difference in their communities through educational support, healthcare initiatives, arts exposure, housing assistance, and more. Their commitment to our shared mission of promoting accessible arts experiences is truly inspiring.

Upon their arrival, the Dance Volunteers enjoyed a leisurely lunch, strolled through the charming neighborhood surrounding our hotel, and savored a delightful dinner before convening for a brief meeting. With an eventful two weeks ahead, it was time to say goodnight and rest up for the exciting adventures that awaited us.

¡Buenas Noches!

MIÉRCOLES 29 de Mayo – Guatemala City → Xela

Day 2 of JUNTOSAbroad: Guatemala 2024 took us all the way to Xela (aka Quetzaltenango)! After a beautiful mountain and valley view drive, we stopped by our hotel to unload our bags before heading into our first rehearsal with Omar for ‘Los Perros de Barrio Colosal’ at Chocoyos Casa de Artistas, a beautiful space dedicated to promoting artistic development in Xela. Omar and the Dance Volunteers worked tirelessly to learn this incredibly intricate and athletic piece, the whole group dancing together for the first time.

After a full day of travel and movement, we visited Patsy’s, a local favorite, for dinner. After dinner, JUNTOS went out dancing and took a small salsa class with long time friend and JUNTOSAlumni Nestor Rodriguez! After a long day of travel, rehearsals, and community, we headed to bed to rest before another big day of dance! ¡Nos vemos mañana!

#JUNTOShappy #guatemala2023 #juntosfamilia

JUEVES 30 de Mayo – Xela

After a delicious breakfast at Mandarina, we headed straight to Chocoyos Casa for even more rehearsals, first with Programs Director Cristiana Cavallo for ‘Solstice’, then with Omar to finish developing ‘Los Perros’ for our first performance tomorrow!

After rehearsals, we broke for a short lunch and a final workshop planning meeting before this afternoon’s workshops with ProDanza (formerly known as Cuerpo de Baile), and Escenic Dance (Nestor’s studio!)