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Each Ambassador candidate will be invited to apply to the program through application and interview. Candidates will be invited to apply based on the criteria that they have worked closely with JUNTOS for at least one year and act as informal representatives of the JUNTOS mission. Candidates understand the JUNTOS mission and demonstrate strong leadership skills. See full position summary below. 


Program Dates: September 1, 2017-September 30, 2018

1st round:

Applications open: April 24, 2017

Applications close: June 25, 2017

2nd round:

Interviews: May 15-July 15, 2017

Ambassadors notified July 30, 2017


To prepare your application, please review questions below:

  • Previous teaching experience with JUNTOS or other organizations
  • Previous fundraising experience and your level of comfort in fundraising
  • Previous leadership experience and challenging situations in these experiences
  • Favorite JUNTOS memory or moment and its impact on you
  • What can you contribute to the JUNTOS community?
  • How can your creativity contribute to this program? Describe a sample project or program.
  • Why should we select you?



The JUNTOSAmbassador program offers current university or conservatory students and graduates the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as a representative of JUNTOS. Ambassadors represent JUNTOS within their school and local community by organizing informational and group activities for student participants. Ambassadors will be trained throughout the year and learn how to lead outreach events in their local community, while collaborating with others. They will learn how to identify organizations that qualify as potential partners and bring JUNTOS partner communities together for activities and opportunities to benefit each community. Ambassadors will use what they learn to propose, plan, and complete a 4-12 week residency abroad with one organization during the summer as a final capstone project. Written progress reports will be provided to the Program Director and virtual communication will be maintained throughout the term of one year.


  • Has been an active participant with JUNTOS for at least one year.
  • Participated in at least one JUNTOS program  as either a student or workshop participant.
  • Shows leadership capabilities in other activities and/or organizations.
  • Illustrates creativity to plan events and workshops for different local audiences.
  • Strong commitment to the mission, goals and work of JUNTOS.
  • Able to maintain consistent communication through a variety of virtual connection methods, such as Google Hangouts, email, and phone.
  • Professional conduct when communicating with partner and outreach organizations.


  • Work closely with the JUNTOSAmbassador Program Director
  • Meet virtually with other Ambassadors twice monthly
  • Attend and host conferences with other Ambassadors to discuss how to expand and strengthen the communities
  • Act as a representative to increase JUNTOS programming at the school of enrollment or current city of residence (if applicable)
  • Organize at least 2 informal activities for interested students to create community and learn more about JUNTOS and how they can participate
  • Organize at least 7 outreach performances and/or workshops in the local area
  • Select organizations to focus on and develop as partners
  • Provide written progress and post-trip reports as requested by JUNTOS
  • Be a local and international presence that represents JUNTOS in a positive manner


Ambassadors are volunteers; however if selected to travel for this program, all airfare costs and travel related to the Ambassador role will be paid for by JUNTOS. A small travel stipend will also be provided to cover the costs of room and board while abroad.