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Thanks to our JUNTOS Familia, we've raised $6,503 of our $9,000 goal!

Giving Tuesday was an amazing kick-off to our End of Year Fundraising Campaign, and with your continued support, we're poised to make significant strides toward our fundraising goal of $9,000 by December 31st. Thank you for being part of this incredible kick-off and for joining us in our mission to create a brighter future for our youth.


JUNTOSAbroad 2024: Guatemala

We’re bringing this two-week intercultural exchange program to Guatemala this spring! Applications close Wednesday, January 10th!


Develop Leadership and Build Community

JUNTOS works with dance volunteers to provide dance workshops and performances in underserved communities throughout the U.S. and Latin America.


Follow Our Travels

Read stories about collaboration, see videos of performance, and explore our past international trips.


Become a JUNTOS supporter

Your contribution offers thousands of individuals space to collaborate, learn, and create together.


Movement & Dance

We use dance to transcend all barriers that divide. We believe that movement is a human experience which connects us all.


Volunteer & Outreach

We invite professional and pre-professional dancers to share stories and connect through performances and workshops.


Intercultural Exchange

We foster an international community by building a network of people from different backgrounds who will become the creative leaders of tomorrow.








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