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Costa Rica & Nicaragua, 2014

Our third visit to these beautiful countries! We begin our travels in Managua, Nicaragua and travel through six cities to finish our 14-day trip in San Jose, Costa Rica. Be a part of our trip as we are greeted with vivacious individuals and lush countrysides! Join our travels and stay up to date with photos, quotes, and short video snippets!

August 3-7 2014: Managua, Nicaragua

We kick off our travels in Managua! Dancers from London, New York, and San Francisco meet for the first time and are eager to work with dancers at Academia Nicaragüense de la Danza (AND). This will be the third year in a row JUNTOS and AND have worked together. We teach three days of workshops and take 3 days of workshops, culminating in a final performance for the community.

AUGUST 4, 2014 via Facebook
Franck Larios, Dance teacher at Academia Nicaragüense de la Danza
“La danza es energia pura, la danza es vida, la danza es el medio para mover energias positivas sin fronteras.. Gracias JUNTOS Collective,  Academia Nicaraguense de la Danza Y CIA. de danza contemporánea Arte y Danza… Unidos en la danza somos positivos y hacemos la labor de compartir nuestro que hacer diario… Bailar JUNTOS…. Gracias a los participantes hoy y bienvenidos a los que mañana se sumaran… Juntos a… hacer danza contemporánea en este genial taller de hermanamiento cultural… USA-Nicaragua”

Dance is pure energy, dance is life, dance is a medium to move positive energy without borders… Thank you JUNTOS Collective, Academia Nicaraguense de la Danza, and Contemporary Dance Arte y Danza. … United in dance we are positive and create a means to share our daily work… dancing together… Thank you to today’s participants and welcome to those joining tomorrow… Together to do contemporary dance in this brilliant workshop of cultural brotherhood… U.S.-Nicaragua

AUGUST 7, 2014 via Facebook
Alvaro Martinez, dance student at Academia Nicaragüense de la Danza
“Gracias a por aber compartido una ves mas este hermoso arte como lo es la danza que nos une a todos en uno solo, gracias por abernos enseñado y ustedes aprendido de nosotros gracias #juntos y los esperamos muy pronto”

Thank you for once again sharing this beautiful art that is the dance that unites us, thank you for having taught us and learning from us – thank you #JUNTOS and we wait for you soon!

AUGUST 7, 2014 via text message
Freddy Rios, dance student at Academia Nicaragüense de la Danza

“Saludos a todos y abrazos! Gracias por regalarnos de sus conocimientos, la danza es unión y armonía y la lengua universal 🙂 un abrazo, éxito en su gira abrazos a todos!”

Greetings and hugs to all! thank you for gifting us with your thoughts, dance is unity and harmony and a universal language 🙂 sending a hug, good luck with the tour and hugs to all!

August 7-8 2014: Nagarote, Nicaragua

We gather early Thursday morning to travel to Nagarote and have a full day of workshops with NicaPhoto, an organization empowering disadvantaged children and their families living in the poorest barrios of Nicaragua. We conduct two workshops on Thursday and finish our day with a public performance in the center of town and group dinner with NicaPhoto staff, then wake up early for a final workshop with the kids.

AUGUST 9, 2014 via Facebook
Ronnie Maher, NicaPhoto director
“So great to have our friends from JUNTOS back with us!!!”

August 8-9 2014: León, Nicaragua

JUNTOS dancers greet old friends in León! We teach and take workshops with Yaxall, a youth dance company and dance school, teaching modern dance workshops and taking traditional Nicaraguan folkloric dance. We finalize our time with Yaxall with a public performance in León’s famous Teatro Municipal, sharing a stage juntos. What lovely dancers! Until next year!

AUGUST 10, 2014 via Facebook
Sterling Vasquez, Yaxall director
“So great to have our friends from JUNTOS back with us!!!”
“Lo repito y no me canso de decirlo un enorme placer el compartir con JUNTOS Collective sos personas geniales y nobles gracias por su aporte a la danza un enorme abrazo y mucho éxito en lo que queda de su gira para ustedes mi reconocimiento desde León de Nicaragua un enorme abrazo.”

I repeat and don’t tire of saying so: an enormous pleasure to share with JUNTOS Collective you are incredible and noble people; thank you for your support for dance – a huge hug and I hope you have so much success in what remains of your tour. My appreciation from León, Nicaragua – an enormous hug.

August 10-11 2014: Granada, Nicaragua

Granada. What beauty surounds us! Two amazing days in Granada, two fantastic workshops, one closing show to tie it all together…

AUGUST 12, 2014 via Facebook
Jose Trujillo, dancer in Granada
“La pasamos bien les doy las gracias al grupo JUNTOS Collective por brindarnos su apollo para seguir con los que nos gusta la danza.”

We had such a great time I give so much thanks to JUNTOS Collective for showing your support to continue the dance we love.

August 12-17 2014: Cartago y Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Tuesday morning arrives and our long journey from nicaragua to costa rica stands in front of us! We are granted with two fun days teaching workshops with students from Cartago’s Expresarte as well as two performances in Cartago: one at a retirement home and one at an elementary school. We then spend a day in Santa Ana, a barrio right outside of San José, teaching workshops and finalizing with a performance for students. What a glorious journey this has been! Thank you to all who have gifted us with presence, inspiration, and growth, and new friendships.

AUGUST 14, 2014 via Facebook
Andrés Martinez, Expresarte student
“Gracias por la visita esperamos volverlos a ver y tener con nosotros el proximo año fue asombroso! La Escuela Cocorí quedo super contenta, El Centro Diurno pidio mas y pues nosotros tambien queremos mas.”

Thank you for the visit we hope to see you again and have you here with us next year it was amazing! Corocí the [elementary] school was so happy, and the Centro Diurno [retirement center] asked for more… and well we of course [from Expresarte] want more too!