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Meet and collaborate with other high school dancers abroad.

JUNTOSVirtual Dance Pals

High school dance students, ages 13-17 can connect with dancers abroad as a JUNTOS Dance Pal! We will partner you up with a high school dancer abroad for an opportunity to learn from each other and create together. For four weeks, you will meet regularly with your “Dance Pal” virtually, and collaborate to create your very own dance. You will share ideas, work together, and ultimately choreograph a final piece that will be recorded, edited, and presented in our final showcase. See the schedule below!

What do Dance Pals do?

In this program high school dancers from the United States and Oaxaca, Mexico are partnered up and introduced through JUNTOS. Over the course of 6 weeks, the Dance Pals pairs will collaborate via an online platform to create a dance. Each Dance Pal will be responsible for sending us weekly videos of the movement they have created and rehearsed with their Dance Pal that week. After we receive all videos, we will edit each pair of Dance Pals’ recordings together and create a final product to be presented in our final Dance Pals showing on Thursday, November 12th.

How do I participate?

You can become a JUNTOS Dance Pal by applying through the link below!

How much is the program?

We are offering this program at no cost!

You + your network can still support our JUNTOS Community Alliances through direct sponsorship packages.

Dance Pals Schedule

September 29th - October 8th

Applications open!

October 11th

Welcome meeting

October 11th - November 12th

Weekly Dance Pal exchange 

November 12th

Final virtual showing

JUNTOSVirtual is an opportunity for Community Alliances and Dance Volunteers to collaborate year round through virtual exchanges of dance classes and performance. JUNTOSVirtual fosters leadership, development and unity across international communities from a distance.