New York Membership (Spring Semester)

A company-like program for pre-professional dance students (ages 18 – 23) focusing on: community outreach through dance (teaching & performing in underserved communities) and professional opportunities. Over the course of the program, you will: 

  • Work with a group of aspiring professional dancers to conduct community outreach by teaching workshops and performing in underrepresented communities, including migrant families and recently immigrated youth.
  • Gain Leadership experience in the community through collaboration with a local LatinX group of teenagers.
  • Participate in master classes taught by renowned NY artists and choreographers. Last years teachers: Tamisha Guy (Abraham In Motion), Taryn Russell (Juilliard) and Christopher Bloom (Ballet Hispanico).
  • Enhance teaching and performance skills through ground experience, discussion, reflection and various education opportunities.
  • Participate in an end-of-program performance.

Fee: $95 non-refundable deposit due upon registration (December 15), plus $200 for semester (due January 5). Late registration is available after January 5 with an additional $95 late fee.

Note: This is a semester-long program from February – May 2019. Upon acceptance you will be asked to submit payment and sign a contract.

2019 NY Membership Calendar

Orientation for dancers
Master class #1
Outreach #1
Dancer Debrief
Outreach #2

Master class #2 + Outreach #3
Collaboration #1
Outreach #4
Dancer Debrief/Education
Master Class #3 + Collaboration #2

Master class #4 + Outreach #5
Outreach #6
Collaboration #3
Collaboration #4

Final Event + Performance

Note: Official dates are currently being finalized, most activities will occur on Saturdays.





Boston Spring Week: March 17th - March 23rd

A week long intensive where students from high level dance universities conduct dance outreach in underserved communities including youth centers, retirement homes and homeless support centers to inspire and connect with local Boston communities. In addition to deepening performance and teaching skills through outreach and master classes, educational group debriefs are guided to encourage  positive change within the community.

Dance outreach intensive includes:

  • Community outreach: Work with a group of aspiring professional dancers to teach workshops and perform in underrepresented communities including community centers, retirement communities and youth groups.
  • Master classes taught by local artists and choreographers.
  • Leadership experience through teaching and performance. Gain skills through ground experience, discussion, reflection and various education opportunities.

Fee: TBA

Registration: January 5th – February 15th.

Note: You are required to participate in the entirety of the week for both your benefit and the benefit of the communities you will work with.

Boston Spring Week: Sample Itinerary

Orientation + Rehearsal

Morning: Rehearsal + Outreach
Afternoon: Outreach

Morning: Outreach
Afternoon:Collaboration + Debrief

Morning: Master Class
Afternoon:Outreach + Collaboration

Morning: Outreach
Afternoon: Collaboration

Morning: Outreach
Afternoon: Collaboration

Morning: Final Activity
Afternoon: Final Performance