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JUNTOSAbroad Alumni: JUNTOSAmbassador Innovators



The Innovator position within the JUNTOSAmbassador program is a one year leadership and mentor program. This position is for students who have graduated from a dance conservatory or university and have participated with JUNTOS for at least one year . Together, the Innovators develop strategies for emerging leaders to advance their work and impact in given communities. Innovators also act as a mentor to two other ambassadors, one Advocate and one international Changemaker. They will travel abroad to meet with their mentees and assist with the organization of local programming. Innovators identify organizations that qualify as potential partners and bring JUNTOS partner communities together for activities and opportunities to benefit each community. Written progress reports will be provided to the program director and virtual communication will be maintained throughout the term of one year.


  • Graduate of the JUNTOSAbroad Program.
  • Has been an active participant with JUNTOS for at least one year.
  • Evident leadership capabilities in other activities and/or organizations.
  • Understanding of responsibilities of a mentor and the necessary patience and confidence to fulfill such a role.
  • Creativity to plan events and workshops for different local audiences.
  • Professional conduct when communicating with partner and outreach organizations.
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to the mission, goals and work of JUNTOS.
  • Able to maintain consistent communication through a variety of virtual connection methods, such as Google Hangouts, email, and phone.
  • Bonus: past Student Leader or Ambassadro


  • Work closely with the program director to develop Ambassador program and meet virtually with the program director each month
  • Mentor a student Advocate and international Changemaker and meet virtually with mentees each month
  • Travel to assigned country to review programming being carried out by mentees
  • Attend and host conferences with other Ambassadors to discuss how to expand and strengthen their communities
  • Organize at least 2 informal activities, in collaboration with Advocates, for interested individuals to create community and learn more about JUNTOS and what they can do in their communities
  • Assist in the organization of at least 2 outreach performances or JUNTOS events
  • Select organizations to focus on and develop as partners; have a consistent presence at those locations by teaching movement
  • Forward any press coverage related to the project/travel/ambassadorship to JUNTOS
  • Provide written progress and post-trip reports as requested by JUNTOS


  • Advocate – student currently enrolled in a dance conservatory or university located in the United States
  • Changemaker – international participant who has been involved with the JUNTOSAbroad program for at least one year


Innovators are volunteers; however if selected to travel for this program, all airfare costs for travel related to the ambassador role will be paid for by JUNTOS. A small travel stipend will also be provided to cover the costs of room and board while abroad.


October-December: 1st Quarter
Goal: Train Ambassadors through research activities and training sessions
Activities: Ambassadors undergo initial training session, attend three workshops on leadership themes led by JUNTOS staff and mentors, complete a research project and participate in international conferences and discussions

January-March: 2nd Quarter
Goal: Create sustainable programming with current partner organizations
Activities: Ambassadors organize two movement workshops and one outreach performance with current JUNTOS partner organizations

April-June: 3rd Quarter
Goal: Extend network of partner organizations
Activities: Ambassadors contact two new organizations regarding a potential partnership with JUNTOS

July-September: 4th Quarter
Goal: Ambassadors continue programming with new partner organizations and prepare for future projects
Activities: Ambassadors attend conferences to research and outline future projects that they will lead in their local communities

Note: There will be quarterly evaluations of ambassador performance completed by their mentors as well as biannual individual meetings with the Program Director.