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Kirsten Jensen

Boston, USA

Kirsten began studying at The Boston Conservatory in the fall of 2013 and hopes to gain her BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance with an emphasis in Modern Dance this coming spring.
Kirsten first heard about JUNTOS shortly after she enrolled at the conservatory. She was able to embark on her first JUNTOS Abroad trip to Guatemala during the summer of 2016. Kirsten has always been interested in travel and learning about other cultures. Finding ways to connect to people has been extremely important to her, and she believes that learning about and celebrating each other’s differences holds the potential to build a more compassionate and vibrant global community while also illuminating our human commonalities as ways to connect. JUNTOS provided her with a perfect opportunity to experience a cultural exchange, and those two weeks were some of the most formative of her life. This January she will travel to Mexico for her second JUNTOS Abroad experience. She is thrilled to be spending this year as a JUNTOS Ambassador and is honored to be working with an organization committed to facilitating cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation.