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Hugo Rosales

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Hugo Rosales Salsa

“The social services that JUNTOS has provided to children, the elderly, schools, and hospitals, among others, through dance, has been essential in bringing young people with initiative together to collaborate on a project. Personally, JUNTOS has inspired me and given me confidence that with hard work and discipline, faith and hope, dreams are possible.”


“La ayuda social que JUNTOS a brindado a niños, ancianos, escuelas, y hospitales, entre otros,  por medio de la danza, ha sido esencial en unir jóvenes y personas con iniciativa de colaborar en un proyecto. Personalmente JUNTOS me ha inspirado y dado confianza que con trabajo y disciplina, fe y esperanza, los sueños son posibles.”

Hugo started dancing urban dance at age 12. At 22, he started working long-term with national and international teachers, coaches and even salsa world champions. He also received ballroom dancing courses: Viennese Waltz, Chachacha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Tango Argentino. Hugo is a competitor in international congresses of salsa and bachata. He works as a teacher in several places: Quetzaltenango, Panajachel, Antigua, and one of the most prestigious schools in Guatemala City. Currently, Hugo is working on various projects at music and dance schools as a choreographer and dancer. He established the Giving Smiles project, a project to collect and donate toys at Christmas to children of low income, such as classes to benefit Children’s Homes or to collect food. He has taken workshops in ballet and contemporary dance, participating for five years in the workshops of JUNTOS Collective. JUNTOS has been very influential in his professional and personal training.