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Georgia Lipari

Boston, USA

“My whole life I’ve been fed bran muffins and it’s like JUNTOS handed me a cupcake”

Georgia began dancing in Chicago and was a part of the Salt Creek Ballet company for many years, training in many styles of dance. She is now in her third year at the Boston Conservatory where she is working towards attaining her BFA in contemporary dance. As well as being a part of JUNTOS for a year (both locally and internationally) and joining the Ambassador program, Georgia is involved in teaching internships in Boston as well as teaching class for Movement Matters – a movement based organization for those affected with Parkinson’s and is the Boston Conservatory campus captain for Love Your Melon- an organization dedicated to raising money and giving hats to all children across the nation battling cancer. Georgia is excited to further her relationship with JUNTOS by becoming an Ambassador, as JUNTOS opened her eyes to what art can truly offer us all as humans.