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Georgina de Fatima Flores Paz

Managua, Nicaragua

“For me, dance signifies everything that I am. I’ve been given so much in this world, I only hope to share and give through art as much as I’ve received. My experiences with JUNTOS has contributed to growing motivation to teach, which for me is to share what we know that makes us caring humans and overall better people.”


Georgina Flores Paz began dancing when she was 9 years old at the Academia Nicaragüense de la danza, studying ballet folklorico, contemporary, jazz, among other techniques. She continued formal, professional training there and graduated in the first class of certified dance teachers. Georgina has danced all over Nicaragua as a guest artist, including in works of the Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario, Arte y Danza, elving Vanegas, and has participated in dance festivals throughout Central America, mainly in El Salvador and Honduras. Georgina began working with JUNTOS in 2012.