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Ariane Michaud

Boston, MA USA

amdance“Through JUNTOS I have been able to find my identity as a dancer and artist, and realized just how powerful movement can be. I am always excited to go back to a JUNTOS trip or event and immerse myself in positive energy, with other peers and mentors that feel as strongly about this concept as I do. It has changed the way I interact with others, the way I think as a dancer, and the way I handle my body as a performer.”


Ariane Michaud is from Ottawa, Canada where she trained at Greta Leeming Studio of Dance and Canterbury High School for the Arts. Currently working on attaining her BFA in Dance at The Boston Conservatory, she has performed works by Lawrence Gradus, Christopher House, Gerald Arpino, Richard Colton, Dwight Rhoden and David Buraczeski. In addition, her love for teaching and helping others has lead her to partake in many teaching internships around the city of Boston and in local underprivileged communities, notably Movement Matters, a movement based project for those affected with Parkinson’s disease. Ariane has been teaching, choreographing and performing with JUNTOS Collective for 3 years, and has participated in all three trips abroad. She has a passion for the mission of the organization and strongly believes in the power of movement and its effect on human connection. She is excited to work as a Boston Student Ambassador and continue to create lasting partnerships within her school and with organizations in the area.