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    Narrowing Down The Change

    Narrowing Down The Change“Before JUNTOS, I never saw myself as a leader in dance”, says Ambassador Maxine Patronik, currently a Junior in the Dominican/Lines BFA Program. As we spoke about her experience thus far as an Ambassador, it became clear to me how much JUNTOS has impacted her education and training these past three years. Her confidence in teaching and becoming a true innovator in the dance world has blossomed, especially this past week when she led her [more]

    Spring with JUNTOS! Cocktails, Snacks, and Performance at St. George Spirits

    Spring with JUNTOS! Cocktails, Snacks, and Performance at St. George SpiritsJoin us to celebrate longer days, flowers in bloom, finely crafted cocktails and the success of the new JUNTOSAmbassador program!  Ambassadors have been busy in New York, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Los Angeles, and here in the Bay Area, leading workshops, developing community, and laying the groundwork for continued outreach work.  We can’t wait to share our stories with you, especially in such an exciting space! St. George Spirits in Alameda, California has opened their tasting room for [more]

    JUNTOSWeek- New York City

    JUNTOSWeek- New York CityAs to my previous post on February 15th, professional dancing seems exclusive and incomprehensible to most. And yet, when we apply movement to certain activities and settings, we can access and relate to entirely different communities. With a sense of leadership, and a belief in dance as an enabler we can move forward, innovate and connect. This is what Georgia Lipari, Sophomore Dance Major at The Boston Conservatory, discovered as a participant of JUNTOSWeek NY [more]

    A Week in Nagarote

    A Week in NagaroteJust 26 miles north of the capital of Managua, Nagarote is home to an incredible organization, NicaPhoto, who from January 11-16th held their first ever “arts brigade” festival. It was a week of collaboration with JUNTOS and two photographers, full of self-discovery and growth for Ambassadors Alivia Schaffer and Nestor Rodriguez. As I spoke to Liv and Nestor about their experiences, it was clear that they had learned so much about themselves both as a [more]

    New from our Ambassador Blog

    New from our Ambassador Blog"If dance only does what we assume it can do, it will expire”. William Forsythe Even after graduating with a degree in dance and leaving 4 years of life in New York City behind, I still ask myself exactly why dance has become my life's work. It is a question with a million answers, one that I am dissecting every day.  Just like William Forsythe says, dance can never be assumed to do anything.  In all my [more]


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