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JUNTOS works with university volunteers to provide dance workshops and performances in underserved communities throughout the U.S. and Latin America


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We invite dance BFA students from top colleges and conservatories to enable change through performances and workshops.


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We use dance to transcend all barriers that divide. We believe that movement is a human experience which connects us all.


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We work to enable collaboration, education, and connection with underserved communities in the US, Mexico, and Central America.








JUNTOS has performed and taught for in Latin America
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connecting through JUNTOS

JUNTOS is the perfect demonstration of unity and beauty, serving and fighting for each and every one of us so we can be free and worthy of belonging to this wonderful world. JUNTOS is art, humanity, and above all things a wonderful family.

Erick ZamoraGuatemalan participant with JUNTOS

There it was… Humans from different parts of the globe, TOGETHER (JUNTOS) in every way that they could be, experiencing something, telling their story together, fearlessly, and letting me witness the beauty that we all are. And when nothing else in the world makes sense, I will know that life can be this beautiful, and that is enough for me.

Holly WilderBoston Conservatory '15

The great thing about JUNTOS is that it takes this idea [that the understanding of different cultures is what will bring peace to the world] and connects it to concrete actions.

Marisa MartinAiley/Fordham '11

Dance has the ability to transcend race, religion, ethnicity, and gender and enables us not as Guatemalans or Americans but as human beings to connect on the most essential level.

Katie BerryAiley/Fordham '11

Dance gives us this incredible point of entry, to communicate across language barriers and borders and political rifts. Now I’m waiting to go back too- there’s an urgency to do so much more, to share art everywhere to bring people together.

Maia DunlapAiley/Fordham '12

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