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days six & seven: arte y humanidad

colaborando con amigos en los actividades de Xelajú Es

We change pace these days. Festival Xelajú Es plays into our work and we prepare our pieces and enjoy our Guatemalan friends perform their pieces. We are also lucky enough to work with Vanesa Rivera, ballet and contemporary teacher and choreographer in Guatemala City. Our days were filled with smiles, applause, and above all things, a strong connection and love for those we worked with.

“Art and Humanity” from Holly Wilder, dancer from Boston Conservatory

When talking with new and old friends in Xela and telling them how much I love Guatemala they often ask me why. I have yet to be able to fully articulate my response but it always begins with: the people. There is an openness and a warmth here beyond just someone being eager to meet you. It is meeting a stranger and knowing from the first moment that they cherish you and acknowledge you and open their heart to you for no other reason that the fact that you’re a human and we are all here on this planet to be together. This is something that seems so obvious to me when I am surrounded and warmed by this culture of welcome, but is not so apparent back home when I find myself often in a culture that teaches us to be islands. The American value of being able to fend for yourself is so quickly swallowed by the Guatemalan ideal that we were all made for each other.

Coming to this country with the goal of meeting strangers to express something together through the art of dance creates a space where we feel safe enough to allow our own beauty to be seen and to be honest with each other from the first moment that we meet. The Guatemalan culture that is so a part of the people here heightens this safe space and allows us to instantly become juntos and celebrate our humanity together through dance. When I think about Guatemala I think about finding family everywhere that I go. I think about how big the world is, so big that it may seem like it’s trying to keep all of us separate. But JUNTOS has taught me that no matter how big the world tries to be, our hearts will always be bigger. We are not here alone, we are here JUNTOS and our family covers the globe.

“Arte, humanidad, JUNTOS” de Erick Zamora, dancer en Quetzaltenango 

Mas allá de ser llamados bailarines o artistas JUNTOS se convierte en la hermandad ligada al retorno de la amistad y el cariño, JUNTOS no significa hablar de lo ya creado sino de lo que hacemos y haremos por cambiar el mundo para que este vuelva a la paz y a la humanidad sincera. Se dice JUNTOS pero se pronuncia amor y amistad. La humanidad gira en base a un mismo ideal: la busqueda del triunfo y la riqueza pero juntos demuestra la vista hacia el horizonte que hará de nosotros personas integras y mejores. Esto es juntos el arte de bailar con el córazon en juego por lograr la unidad del mundo y el caminar perfecto de quien lo necesita, juntos es eso, la muestra perfecta de la unidad y la belleza de servir y luchar por que todos y cada uno de nosotros seamos libres y dignos de pertenecer a este maravilloso mundo. JUNTOS es arte, humanidad y sobre todas las cosas una familia maravillosa… siempre JUNTOS!!!.