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day three: danza

Explorando la danza con ojos nuevos

We began our day jogging up to IFEBU, the all girl’s middle school in Xela. We shared our language, spirit, and emotion with the students in front of us for the second year in a row. Following our first performance in Xela, we gathered with 22 students from IFEBU and taught a dance workshop – the first of two. After a short lunch break, we once again split up into two small groups to teach modern dance and improvisation workshops with Xela dancers. After a wonderful improvisation workshop taught by Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada and Ariane Michaud, we were thrilled to be introduced to urban dance style ragga by dance teacher Mariana Laparra. Check out the video below to see excerpts of the day!

“Dance” from Brittany Hernandez, dancer from LINES/Dominican

Dance is a universal language. It is a special way of communicating that is often overlooked. I forget about this when I am at school, but when I am on a JUNTOS trip I am reminded what a blessing it is to be a part of something so much bigger than me. I witness so much joy in dance workshops and performances. People light up when they start to move and discover how much they can do that they thought they couldn’t. During performances, I can actually see the faces of those I am performing for, which makes it so much more personal. There are no walls built up, everybody is ready and willing to give and receive. It is a refreshing environment compared to the conservatory style dance program I partake in every day at home. The challenge is how to package all this fire for dance and community I soak in here and take it home to develop it even more.

“Danza” de Hugo Rosales, dancer en Quetzaltenango 

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