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day four: amor y belleza


Another fantastic workshop with girls from IFEBU! For director Joanna Poz-Molesky, these teen workshops are one of the most important activities JUNTOS conducts – for many students workshops are an inspiration and reminder that the students can do anything they want so long as they have drive for it. Following workshops (and gifting shirts of course!), we headed directly to the Nacional Hospital de Quetzaltenango, Xela’s public hospital. We conducted a short performance in the hospital’s pediatric wing (a location we’ve performed at for the past five years) and laughed with some of the children afterwards. Our lunch break was utilized to begin organizing Friday’s flash mob and two workshops approached quickly! We broke into our two groups for modern, then regrouped for belly dancing and tango! A long day, but one full of love, beauty, and passion.

“Love and Beauty” from Sage Horsey, dancer from LINES/Dominican

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“Amor y Belleza” de Mariana Laparra, dancer en Quetzaltenango 

Hoy la Directora de JUNTOS me preguntó porque JUNTOS es importante para mi. Mi respuesta: AMOR Y BELLEZA. El amor inicia consigo mismo, el amor propio. Pero es mas valioso aún cuando se puede manifestar a otros, al prójimo. El proyecto JUNTOS es muna manifestación de AMOR porque su pilar es compartir con otros..estar JUNTOS y es belleza, porque la creación de danza seamos como seamos, si lo hacemos con amor……. eso es BELLEZA. Gracias Juntos por transmitir su amor a travéz de una de las mas BELLAS artes.. La Danza.