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August 12-17 2014: cartago y santa ana, costa rica

Tuesday morning arrives and our long journey from nicaragua to costa rica stands in front of us! We are granted with two fun days teaching workshops with students from Cartago’s Expresarte as well as two performances in Cartago: one at a retirement home and one at an elementary school. We then spend a day in Santa Ana, a barrio right outside of San José, teaching workshops and finalizing with a performance for students. What a glorious journey this has been! Thank you to all who have gifted us with presence, inspiration, and growth, and new friendships.

AUGUST 14, 2014 via Facebook
Andrés Martinez, Expresarte student
“Gracias por la visita esperamos volverlos a ver y tener con nosotros el proximo año fue asombroso! La Escuela Cocorí quedo super contenta, El Centro Diurno pidio mas y pues nosotros tambien queremos mas.”

Thank you for the visit we hope to see you again and have you here with us next year it was amazing! Corocí the [elementary] school was so happy, and the Centro Diurno [retirement center] asked for more… and well we of course [from Expresarte] want more too!